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出口商 | 毛衣工厂 | 制造商 | 毛料专家 | 制衣 | 中国毛衣制造商 | 毛衣设计 | 供应商 | 厂家


毛衣設計 | 毛衫廠 | 東莞高埗 | 毛料專家 | 毛衣工廠 | 中國毛衣製造商 | 針織 | 毛衫設計

Le fabricant de vêtements à la mode | Le fabricant de vêtements glamours | Le fabricant de vêtements fashion

Hung Chueng Knitwear Factory

Hung Chueng Garments - Die Strickwaren Fabrik auf die Sie gewartet haben.

Pringle of Scotland

Did you know?

Pringle of Scotland is a luxury knitwear manufacturer and importer. The brand is worn by the likes of Madonna, David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Sophie Dahl, Claudia Schiffer, the television character Alan Partridge and British bands such as The Kooks, Dirty Pretty Things and The Twang. The company has stores in London’s Bond Street, Sloane Street and Bluewater Shopping Centre as well as in Japan and Taiwan and is sold by retailers in New York and Milan.